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You are welcome to our website, it is prepared to acquaint you with the philosophy, activities, vision and mission of NIWOSEC as well as to answer vital questions in respect of progressive development of the nation even as the interest of every worker remains intact or pleasantly addressed. It is generally agreed that there is no permanent friend in politics but permanent interest. Interest, in whatever form, is a common denominator in every relationship, either business, politics, religion, community or work environment. Interest is a facilitator of development, or lack of it. Peace and progress and even war are engender by interest. Interest is like the adrenalin that runs through the human body system. The core problem of Nigeria is the fact that as a nation, citizens' personal pursuits and corporate goals of organisations do not align with national interest. The Nigerian Workforce Strategy and Enlightenment Centre (NIWOSEC) has mandated itself to do programmes and projects that will align Nigerian workers' interests with the national interest, which is expected to have positive impact on the nation as it craves for national unity and development.

The worrisome situation of the nation, economically, politically or otherwise, which impairs the working environment, is a direct reaction to lack of national interest or absence of governance structure that sincerely caters for the interest of its workforce. NIWOSEC shall be at alert anytime, anyday, anywere to strategically position Nigeria workers for the great task of making the job worthwhile and dignifying. Whatever area you choose to exist or work, either as government employees, private employees, self-employed, artisans or market operators. It is the belief of NIWOSEC that we can all work together to make Nigeria great.

I urge you to take this advantage and support NIWOSEC on this onerous assignment.

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NIWOSEC, in making efforts to proffer solutions to major challenges confronting the working class in ensuring integrated national development operates on the philosophy (faith, doctrine & leadership) enumerated below. Understandably, NIWOSEC is an initiative premised on collective compactness and positive aspirations of workers with a willingness to “loose” their own identity for the “greater good”. However, the centre is not lost on the fact that in times of peace and prosperity, a democratic nation is an institutionalized association of more free individuals. It is believed that a loyal, Patriotic and Value-adding worker can be indulged a belief that their own life is less important than the greater cause. And national development is a cause strong enough to sublime every citizen (worker inclusive). NIWOSEC believes that the intent of national interest is all-encompassing. And the prior intent of NIWOSEC is to proffer workable solutions for integrated national development; in doing these, it is ingrained in the mind of the working class that leadership must be by practical actions with less devotion to fanaticism and with healthier dose of order. Since, NIWOSEC operations and activities stem from the propensity of operators and followers for unites action and self sacrifice; it does not entertain abusive, defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent, discriminatory or unlawful interactions and dealings with individuals or groups. In addition, offensive and menacing messages sending fake messages to cheat, mislead or deceive people or to cause annoyance among the people are not allowed by any measure. Summarily, human situation appears generally to be a struggle between what is and what ought to be, NIWOSEC is out to keep the balance by offering solutions to societal problems. OUR EMBLEM: NIWOSEC Emblem is so designed to reflect the operational philosophy and its core values. The colors and symbols which we believe are germane to national unity and development using the instrumentality of the Nigerian workforce. The emblem as embodied in the “Wheel of Progress” connotes work culture and productivity. The colors: Yellow-connotes optimism while green connotes growth and development. The Nigerian map resting on the hands of the citizens represents the reliance of the Nigerian state on the cooperation of Nigerian workers



Employees and Volunteers play an important part in ensuring NIWOSEC remains respected and credible. This code sets out the standards of practice we expect of employees and volunteers in terms of professional competence, integrity, acting as a representative and in safeguarding, which support our vision, mission and values. NIWOSEC's behavioural competency frameworks for employees and volunteers also form part of this code of conduct. There are also circumstances under which potential conflicts of interest may cause the decisions or actions of an employee or volunteer to be vulnerable to claims of bias. This policy sets out guidelines to help avoid unjustified allegations by identifying those circumstances which employees and volunteers must declare. Failure to comply with the code of conduct or policy on conflicts of interest will result in action under NIWOSEC's disciplinary policy for employees or a volunteer status review. This policy applies to NIWOSEC employees and volunteers. In this policy the word “employee” includes temporary or other contract or agency workers. NIWOSEC acknowledges that employees or volunteers may be required to agree to programme specific codes of conduct and will be held accountable for compliance. Any additional codes of conduct which require agreement will not be in conflict with this policy.

Professsional Competence

It is expected that NIWOSEC employees and volunteers will:
Maintain professional knowledge and competence
Ensure that they provide a professional, up-to-date and insightful service and advice
Accept responsibility for their own professional actions and decisions
Share information in a timely way that will enhance understanding especially with regards to security and safety

Ethical Standards and Integrity

It is expected that NIWOSEC employees and volunteers will:
Establish, maintain and develop working relationships based on confidence, trust and respect
Exhibit and defend professional and personal integrity and honesty at all times
Demonstrate sensitivity for the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others
Advance and adhere to NIWOSEC policies and practices that promote equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion and support human rights and dignity

Standard in Acting as a Representative

It is expected that NIWOSEC employees and volunteers will:
Always act in a way which supports and upholds the reputation of NIWOSEC
Be mindful of their responsibilities as professional people towards the wider community
Comply with prevailing laws and not encourage, assist or collude with others who may be engaged in unlawful conduct
Exhibit personal leadership as a role model for maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct

Safeguarding Infromation Confidentiality

It is expected that NIWOSEC employees and volunteers will:
Preserve all confidential, commercially sensitive and personal data
Support and challenge others through NIWOSEC approved processes and channels if they suspect unlawful or unethical conduct or behaviour
Report any concerns about bribery and corruptions to a line manager or NIWOSEC representative
Ensure those working with them have the appropriate level of competence, supervision and support and adequate consideration has been given to any reasonable adjustments required for disability.

Declaration of Interests

A direct or indirect financial or professional interest in an outside company might be seen as biasing the decisions of an employee or volunteer, particularly in relation to the expenditure of NIWOSEC.
A direct interest would include ownership, share ownership or employment. An indirect interest includes companies in which friends or relatives have an interest. There are two types of declaration, permanent and ad-hoc.
All employees and volunteers however, who find themselves in a position where they may be seen to be able to influence the outcome of our work or the placing of a contract or order for any goods or services required by NIWOSEC, and happen to have (directly or indirectly) a financial or personal interest in a provider or one of the potential suppliers, should at that stage immediately declare their interest. They should take no further part in the decision making, or in any related negotiations; the NIWOSEC's Board of Trustees will be responsible for decision making.

Potential areas of conflict of interest

In the course of their work it is essential that employees and volunteers avoid any suggestion of bias or favouritism in any of their dealings with partners, beneficiaries, service providers, suppliers, or other employees, volunteers and stakeholders.
Likely or potential conflicts (direct or indirect) that can arise in relation to NIWOSEC's work are:
Interests of immediate and extended relatives, friends and acquaintances
Private occupations
Secondary employment, voluntary work outside of NIWOSEC or appointment to an elected body
Shareholdings (if this could have an influence on the decision making of a company)
Relationships with service providers and suppliers, other employees or candidates for employment with NIWOSEC.

Preferential Treatment in Private Transactions

Employees and volunteers must not seek or accept preferential rates or benefits for private transactions carried out with companies with which they have had, or may have, official dealings on behalf of NIWOSEC.

Favouritism in Awarding Contracts

Fair and open competition between prospective contractors or suppliers for contracts is essential. This means that no private, public or voluntary organization which may bid for a contract with NIWOSEC should be given any advantage over its competitors, such as advance notice of requirements. Each contract should be awarded solely on merit, taking into account the requirements of NIWOSEC and the ability of the contractors to fulfill them.
In addition, no special favour should be shown to current or former employees and volunteers, or their close relatives or acquaintances in offering job opportunities or awarding contracts to businesses run by them.
Offers of employment and volunteer placements will be made on the basis of those candidates who best meet the skill and competence requirements of the post. Contracts may be awarded to such businesses where they are won in fair competition against other tenders, but care must be taken to ensure that the selection process is conducted impartially, and that employees and volunteers who are known to have a relevant interest play no part in the selection. NIWOSEC's procurement rules and guidelines must be followed in accordance with the Global Procurement Policy.

Relationship Conflicts

Where a personal relationship exists, has existed or develops between employees or volunteers where one party has a management or supervisory responsibility over the other, the existence or former existence of the relationship (but not necessarily its nature) should be disclosed to the relevant senior manager.
Managers who have, or have had, a personal relationship with an employee or volunteer should not be involved in any recruitment, selection, performance review, promotion or other processes which could be perceived to give unfair advantage or disadvantage to the other person with who they have or have had such a relationship.
It is the responsibility of employees and volunteers involved in recruitment and selection to declare any relationship they may have, or have had, with an applicant. The employee or volunteer will cease to have any involvement in the selection process to protect them from potential claims of bias.

Offers of Gifts, Inducements and Hospitality

Any money, gift or consideration received by an employee or volunteer from a person or organization holding or seeking to obtain a contract will be deemed by NIWOSEC to have been received corruptly unless the employee or volunteer proves the contrary.

Secondary Employment

There are occasions where the possession of additional employment (outside of NIWOSEC) including casual or voluntary work, appointment to an elected body, and/or consultancy, may be construed as influencing the impartiality of an employee or volunteer.
The same rules regarding declaration of interests therefore apply to all secondary employment, i.e. employees and volunteers who are required to make a permanent declaration of interests must also declare secondary employment, and employees or volunteer who find themselves in a position where they could influence a decision on placing an order or contract should also declare their secondary employment if there is any possibility that it could be construed as capable of influencing their judgment in the matter concerned.




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Then, The Nigerian Workers Group is for you!

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David Kayode Ehindero

Executive Director

All benefits from the programs and platforms that TNWG affords are open to every worker who has signed up as members

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David Kayode Ehindero

Executive Director

Social benefits (Opportunity for social and professional interactions with workers across Nigeria to relate and exchange ideas).
Welfare Benefits (Opportunities for members to better their lots economically through financial trainings, empowerment and their well being).
Legal Benefits (facilitation of legal services' provision for members who are in need as a result of work-related litigations and protection of workers right).

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David Kayode Ehindero

Executive Director

Apply for membership by filling an online membership form by visiting www.niwosec.org or a form to be obtained at any of our offices.
Note: You are required to pay an annual due of #1000 online or to (Account details) this will serve as a membership fee.
Thereafter, your membership will be authorized and you will be awarded a membership CODE.

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David Kayode Ehindero

Executive Director


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TNWG is the membership arm of THE NIGERIAN WORKFORCE STRATEGY AND ENLIGHTENMENT CENTRE [NIWOSEC] which seeks to bring together Nigerian workers into a big network as partners in progress. It is to help them have a voice loud enough to be heard on behalf of one another and have a arm strong enough to help the weak members of the group, look out for each other's interests and protect the collective interest of all. It is a service group for the entire Nigerian workers, both in the formal and informal sectors, providing services as to meet social needs, technical needs, mediating needs, legal needs as well as welfare needs.

It does not debar you from being a Member.
TNWG renders services through personal contact and networking to harness the potential of the workforce.